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Clinically, Medicine only consider penis size a problem nowadays when a penis is 2 3⁄4 inches long (aka “micropenis.”) Truth be told, there are many men who are under the 6 1⁄2 inches mark and, even though medicine doesn’t acknowledge their cases as problematic, their penis size makes things really difficult.

Low self-esteem, the indifference of the opposite sex, and problems that impact the relationship are only some side effects of the penis size issue; be it a real or imagined, the problem doesn’t go away by itself.

The thicker the penis, the faster a woman can reach an orgasm.

A longer and more attractive penis generates more visual excitement and makes women more predisposed to having sex. This also happens in several animal species: penis size determines mating patterns for males and females’ willingness to mate.

There are several factors that determine penis size, among which the main ones are genetics —closely linked to the ethnic background—, weight, and daily habits.

The Genetic / Ethnic Factor

Among the different ethnic groups and their respective genetic origins there are concrete differences in penis size, particularly in what concerns the anchorage of the suspensory ligament.

Therefore, the suspensory ligament anchorage is located at the back in black men and their penises are completely outside of the body, what determines a very large penis that is slightly elevated during the election.

For Caucasians, the suspensory ligament anchorage is located forward, what determines a shorter penis with an erection that is practically perpendicular to the body.

Asians have a very forward suspensory ligament anchorage, which means that a relevant part of the penis is hidden inside the body; when erected, the penis is almost parallel to the body and, in many cases, it results in an upward curvature.

Individuals of mixed race are closer to one or the other description, depending on their predominant genetic features (Caucasian, Oriental, or Black).


Weight has an impact on how long the penis is because the more fat tissues are accumulated at the reproductive organs section, the more the penis will be hidden underneath it and, consequently, look smaller.

Daily Habits
There are no concrete data about it, but it is believed that certain daily habits may have long-term consequences to penis size. Among these are frequent masturbation and stretching out the penis after urinating.

First-generation methods are the oldest ones available and are not really based on scientific findings; therefore they usually do not offer real results and only in some cases users achieve the desired lengthening and erection strengthening. That is why these methods are usually combined with some advice, such as shaving the genitals to give the idea that the penis is getting bigger.

In this category we may find the oldest exercise programs on the market, which usually include pills and supplements.

Second-generation methods created in the eighties are somewhat based on scientific and empirical findings, offering good results in most of the cases, but only in regards to penis enlargement.

The main problem of these methods is how long it takes to achieve any result. Besides, they are not recommended to men over 35 due to the fact that they’re not as effective when treating less elastic tissues.

These are definitely the most modern and efficient methods.
Created in the nineties, right after important discoveries and developments were made, these programs have been scientifically developed and tested under controlled conditions, proven to achieve considerably fast and positive results for both length and girth.

The latest programs created in this generation have warm-up techniques for the suspensory ligament, which makes them much more effective for older people or those who have relatively less rigid tissues.

Next, we have a chart that clearly shows how the suspensory ligament works when holding the basis of the penis, as well as how it influences the thickness and orientation of an erection.

With proper and intensive work, this ligament, as well as its outgrowth, can be modified and offer important results in growth. These charts were respectively offered by Enlarge-Pro and Penis-Recovery

The chart on the left shows how to internally warm up the ligament in order to make it more flexible and susceptible to stretching, while protecting it from any kind of injury due to the excessive strength applied to it.

*Chart offered by Enlarge-Pro *Chart offered by Penis-Recovery

Enlarge Pro’s Interactive 3D Experience

View how a penis grows from different angles, as you wish.
Check the growth range made possible by the exercises to warm up the suspensory ligament and make it more flexible.
This is another contribution Enlarge-Pro makes to Perfect Penises.

Instructions of use:
- Click on the visualization option you wish below and you’ll see, from the angle you choose, how warm-up and flexibility exercises for the suspensory ligament work in conjunction with the penis growth range.

The following sites have been selected due to how serious and effective their penis enlargement and growth programs are.
During the selection process, we researched fourteen sites dedicated to men’s health, six forums about penis enlargement, and five sites that offer natural penis enlargement programs.

Site name: Enlarge-Pro
Method: Exercises for developing the corpora cavernosa, lengthening, and stretching the suspensory ligament. Complementary techniques for warming up and enhancing the flexibility of the suspensory ligament and achieve better and faster results.

» Period of the program: Ten to fifteen days.

» Customer services: Excellent real-time reply.

» Efficiency: Combining lengthening and thickness techniques with suspensory ligament flexibility enhancement, these programs have an unprecedented efficiency, including for those complicated cases and for older users.

» On-line tools: Virtual program customization.

» Level of difficulty: None. Easy exercises that can be done anytime and anywhere, what makes it easier to achieve fast results. Graphics, videos, and animations included.

» Publicity: Launching Advertisement. January 2006 Miami.

Site name: Penis Recovery
» Method: Exercises for developing the corpora cavernosa and lengthening the suspensory ligament.

» Period of the program: Ten to thirty days.

» Customer services: Very good.

» Efficiency: By combining thickening and lengthening techniques that have been scientifically developed and tested, this method guarantees a real growth for both length and girth.

» On-line tools: Virtual test for penis enlargement.

» Level of difficulty: None. Easy exercises that can be done anywhere and anytime. Videos and explanatory illustrations included. Customer services representatives sometimes take a little time to reply.

The following article contains an interview with those responsible for Enlarge-Pro and Penis Recovery clinics talking about myths and facts about their respective penis enlargement programs. The article was published on the March 2006 issue of the well-known Hombre Salud (“Men’s Health”) magazine.

FAQs about penis size
What is an average-sized penis?
The average size of a penis is between 6 and 6 1⁄2 inches long and 1 3⁄4 inch thick.
When would a penis be considered small?
This is a very common question. As we’ve talked about before, an average-sized penis is about 6 inches long and 1 3⁄4 inch thick. However there is no direct answer to satisfy everybody, since the penis size issue is related to how comfortable or uncomfortable someone is with his own penis.
How important size really is?
This is the second most common question related to this subject and, even though it can be answered sometimes, it is true that penis size can become really important. About 83% of women have confessed that they are more attracted to and feel more pleasure with a partner who has a considerably big penis. Most researches suggest that the ideal penis would be bigger than 6 1⁄2 inches long and 2 inches thick.
Can I make my penis bigger?
Even though there are an endless number of methods and drugs that promise results without any justification, it is possible to enlarge your penis with safe and reliable methods within reasonable limits.

What are the available methods?
Currently, the most disseminated and tested programs are based on exercises. They are divided into first-generation exercises that generally offer good results; second-generation exercises that are basically oriented to developing the corpora cavernosa, and the third-generation exercises, which main advantage is the technique for stretching the penis suspensory ligament, allowing the largest part of the penis to be pulled out of the body and offering good results for both length and girth, including complicated cases and treatments for elderly men.

There are other less recommended methods, such as pills, stretchers, weights, and surgery which do not have any guaranteed results and can cause serious side effects.

What are the real possibilities for me to enlarge my penis?
Real enlargement possibilities depend on several factors, such as race and the initial size before initiating the program. Generally, the smaller the penis, the bigger are the chances of growth. However, Asians and Caucasians have better chances than Black men. A realistic average perspective for growth would be one inch in length and half an inch in thickness (girth.)
When would it be considered reasonable to enlarge my penis?
Besides finding out whether there is really a problem, the decision to enlarge your penis is something really personal. There are men who really suffer with the size of their penises, while others do not have any problems and only wish to make it bigger. What must be kept in mind is that fifteen million men annually decide to use an enlargement program and 87% of them say they are happy they had made that decision.
Where can I find a natural enlargement program?
The most modern penis enlargement alternative is the on-line natural program offered by very serious on-line centers, which are extremely serious, effective and accessible.

In the following article of the magazine niuHombre of March, 2006, the spanish journalist tries to clarify that even if the size is not definitive, women in general prefer men with wide and long penis. Oh imagine, as she says “…the perfect lover with long and wide penis…”

“After a deep research regarding to this issue we had to give up in front of the evidence, the size of the penis is an issue that is always present,, not only in men minds but also in women minds” says the journalist.

“I’ve tried to have intercourse, but girls laughed at it. I can't go through that again.”
“A few months earlier she was gonna dump me... now she's always around for more. This is just awesome”
Thanks! I can't believe I've waited so long to solve this!.”
“I masturbate very often…”
“I can’t stand this anymore. It had never happened to me before, but if this situation goes on she’ll break up with me because I can’t make love to her the way she deserves to be made love to.”
“When I was younger, I didn't care about this. Now I just can't be naked in front of a girl.”
“The way I avoided sex with my gf almost got us to break up. Now we're back like in the first days of our relation.”

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